Saudi Aramco
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Process Engineer - Operational Excellence

Job Description and Requirements

A bachelor degree in an engineering discipline from a recognized and approved program. A chemical engineering degree and/or advanced degree is preferred.

A minimum of 8 years’ experience in refinery or petrochemical operations and engineering. Experience in leading or executing OE initiative with downstream companies is desirable. You should have analytical and problem solving skills, proven experience in six sigma and/or other standard frameworks would be advantageous.

A solid background in understanding the key performance indicators (KPI) involved in oil refining business and operations.

Basic understanding of the Operational Excellence Model – its structure, content, dynamics and linkages to the corporate vision and objectives.

Solid understanding and can effectively apply Plan-Do-Check-Adjust (PDCA) in order to produce accurate, fact-based and value adding analysis.

Ability to contribute effectively as an assessment team member conducting themselves at all times both professionally and with integrity.

Strong written and oral communication skills, with the ability to summarize and explain complex processes, to individuals and groups from diverse professional backgrounds, in terms suitable for strategic management decision making.

Ability to assimilate and understand relevant information and data related to the department being assessed, using it to produce clear, accurate and insightful analysis at both macro (big picture) and micro (detail) levels.

A thorough knowledge of English, required to perform analyses and studies in depth, make professional presentations and stakeholder interviews. Must be able to produce and deliver clear, accurate and value adding feedback, both in written and oral form.

Strong mentorship skills with the ability and drive to guide the development of junior engineers.

Able to work effectively with a minimum of supervision on relatively unstructured tasks.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following: 


  • Drive and monitor operational excellence implementation and performance to ultimately achieve mature levels in all aspect.
  • Assist all DR&NGLF organizations to customize their operational excellence programs.
  • Act as the overall coordinator for cascading and driving management and corporate programs to the operating facilities for execution and effective monitoring. 
  • Identify and close operational excellence improvement opportunities and gaps.
  • Coordinate with corporate Operational Excellence Department the necessary OE trainings as needed.
  • Lead the integrated operational excellence self-assessment.
  • Provide operational excellence consultation in collaboration with corporate Operational Excellence Department.
  • Ensure alignment of operational excellence program with corporate objectives and focus areas.
  • Assess and report operational excellence benefits to executive management.
  • Coordinate with corporate Operational Excellence Department in developing the company-wide OE report to corporate management.
  • Develop benchmarking strategy for operational excellence elements. Coordinate and led execution of the benchmarking strategy.
  • Collaborate with joint venture companies, subsidiaries, and third-party companies to consolidate OE best practices. Coordinate implementation of suitable best practices to facilities.
  • Promote a learning environment and implement self-development to maintain and improve expert status within his engineering specialty.
  • In some cases, represent the admin area in corporate committees and initiatives concerning his field of expertise.