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Petroleum Engineer – Ultra tight permeability (Shale) / Tight Sand

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate you will hold a Bachelor's degree in Petroleum engineering or a related science as appropriate to the required discipline. An advanced degree is preferred and will reduce prerequisite work experience stated below by one year for master degree and two years for PhD. 

You will have a minimum 15-20 years’ experience with at least 5-10 years in unconventional plays including shale or tight gas or channel reservoir, with some US experience in unconventional hydrocarbon basins required. We will consider candidates with more or less experienced depending on the quality of their experience. 

You will have other desirable skills include oil and gas field development and production operations, preferably some in unconventional gas/condensate and Channel sand reservoirs, some knowledge of work over/recompletion program design and wellsite operations , log analysis, operating expense analysis, understanding of geology and reservoir mechanics , material balance, formation evaluation, core analysis, geomechanics and hydraulic fracture optimization, single-well and multiple-well modeling and nodal analysis preferred. Familiarity with software such as Petrel RE, Kappa’s Saphire, Rubis, IHS Harmony, PVTi, OFM, DSS, Eclipse Quiklook, Pipesim and other commercial reservoir simulation tools.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform and demonstrate the following:

  • Perform engineering work requiring application of standard and unconventional techniques, procedures and criteria in carrying out a sequence of engineering tasks. 
  • Prepare requirements for well completion, develop well designs for new wells and provide technical assistance to drilling and production staff to ensure that each well is completed in a safe, efficient manner. 
  • Design and implement field development plans for unconventional resource plays.
  • Monitor operating expenses to operate and maintain wells to produce the highest volumes of oil and gas at the lowest cost. Prepare annual volumes and expenses for budgeting. 
  • Monitor and analyze well tests and production curves. 
  • Gather, perform calculations on and analyze data such as well tests, fluid levels, bottom-hole pressures, and decline curves to assure efficient producing and equipment utilization. 
  • Coordinate all aspect of new completions, especially design of fracture stimulation. 
  • Work closely with the wider unconventional team in planning and conducting field studies.