Saudi Aramco
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Corporate Governance Coordinator

Job Description and Requirements

A bachelor degree in law, business administration, engineering or a related field of study. 

At least five years of industry experience, with a thorough knowledge of all aspects of corporate governance, particularly within a joint venture environment.

Ability to process complex and potentially sensitive issues, developing sound, fact-based recommendations.

Excellent in both analytical and conceptual thinking.

Willingness to tackle challenging tasks and seek additional responsibility. In conflict situations, will state own position clearly and confidently.

Effective written communication skills – prepare documents and reports that are easily understood, gather data, and prepare analysis and recommendations.

Excellent English communication skills, both verbal and written.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following: 

  • Maintain detailed knowledge of the various governing agreements to ensure that organizations and JV Corporate Governance processes are in compliance.
  • Maintain a thorough knowledge of developments related to Corporate Governance within company organizations and in the international arena.
  • Identify Corporate Governance issues and coordinate input from across the company (ie. Legal, Finance, etc.) to develop recommendations on how the issues should be addressed.
  • Provide analytical support and advice to the DJVMD Management Team on all aspects of Corporate Governance relating to participation in the DJVs.
  • Support Management in discussions in relation to the governing agreements. 
  • Establish and manage critical administrative and communication processes (including pre- and post-board briefings, pre- and post-general assembly meeting briefings, regular communication meetings, etc.). This will include: Plan and coordinate key meetings to ensure the appropriate contributions and participation. Prepare and circulate agendas, minutes and newsletters, highlighting key tasks / implications. Maintain communication with range of stakeholders / partners and ensure all are informed of current activities and opportunities for input / feedback / collaboration are maximized. Coordinate development of DJV calendars identifying all major meetings, milestones and events.
  • Maintain, and provide access to, a comprehensive repository of information reflecting material shared in all key interactions with the DJV (including governing agreements, meetings, presentations, reports, letters and emails). This will include: Establish information, data, and research methods / systems to support short and long term Corporate Governance requirements across DVD. Coordinate the contribution of information from all interactions with the JV. Proactively address deficiencies and non-compliance, reporting delinquencies to Senior DJVMD Management. Interpret new reports/ research / data and communicate implications of this “new knowledge” within DJVMD.
  • Establish and maintain good working relationships with key personnel in the DJVs to ensure DJVMD is well appraised of all developments relating to Corporate Governance.
  • Perform other miscellaneous duties as directed.