Saudi Aramco
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Olefins Technology Specialist

Job Description and Requirements
  • Bachelor in Chemical Engineering or a closely related field with MS preferred. 
  • Minimum of 15-20 years of experience in the petrochemical industry with a significant portion providing operational or technical support to olefins petrochemical production facilities.
  • Strong knowledge of technical capabilities of major olefins production processes, including product quality and improvements.
  • Technically current with emerging olefins chemical technologies and able to champion the successful improvements and optimization of assets.  
  • Previous leadership position managing olefins chemical process technologies is highly valued.
  • Excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal and networking skills.
  • A demonstrated ability to interface effectively with internal engineering, R&D and technical service groups.
  • Flexibility to travel both domestically and internationally.
  • Passion for mentorship and knowledge sharing to support the development of promising young engineers.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Candidates will be the Company’s core chemicals technical representative in the Olefins business. 
  • Candidates will posses and demonstrate an ability to:
  • Leverage deep experience in the petrochemical industry, with significant knowledge of olefins technology management. Must be knowledgeable of available technologies for olefins manufacturing for different products, and have a general market and commercial understanding of olefins and their derivatives in downstream products and industries.
  • Apply broad awareness of alternative/complementary routes to olefins (i.e. PDH, metathesis, OCT, MTO, etc.) and ability to develop preferred licensor guidelines for olefins and derivatives. 
  • Demonstrate deep knowledge of common refinery and gas field feeds, and associated quality/contaminant issues of each, as well as knowledge of refinery off-gas recovery and integration into steam cracking.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with steam cracking operations and feed slate yields, including impacts to byproduct quality and volumes.
  • Apply awareness of markets for steam cracker feedstocks, and olefins derivative chemicals/products (PE, MEG, PEG, NAO/PAO, so on)
  • Act as expert resource and advisor to determine the distinguishing advantages/vulnerabilities between licensors’ competitive technologies (Technip, UOP Honeywell, Linde, ChevronLummus Global) for a given chemical site or integrated configuration. 
  • Act as lead technical consultant in comparing, ranking, and recommending appropriate licensable olefins technologies. 
  • Provide expert consulting on major global capital planning activities and liaise with business teams and technical service engineers as needed.  
  • Provide technical support to the Company’s chemical operations, evaluate new project opportunities, and benchmark the Company’s aromatics capabilities and assets.
  • Support mergers and acquisitions due diligence by consulting on the condition, technical capabilities, and potential of existing assets.
  • Guide the career path of high potential engineers through navigated work experiences and knowledge sharing, so they can become future technology leaders.