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Special Education Teacher

Job Description and Requirements

Candidates must possess a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree with specialization in appropriate subject/grade and hold a valid North American teaching certificate/license that reflects relevant endorsement(s). 

A minimum of six years of full-time experience in a preK-12 school setting is required. Candidates must have worked full-time in an educational setting within the past three years. 

Candidates must demonstrate an excellent command of oral and written English. Candidates must demonstrate successful capacity to work collaboratively, as well as independently. Membership in professional organizations preferred

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • SAES Special Education Teachers work collaboratively to plan, implement, and evaluate meaningful and developmentally appropriate interventions aligned to the SAES curriculum using adopted and approved programs, materials, resources, and instructional practices. 
  • Special Education Teachers adhere to their professional organization code of conduct and research based educational practice. In addition, Special Education Teachers are responsible for nurturing positive professional relationships and for working collaboratively with students, parents, and colleagues to optimize the educational experience for the entire learning community. 
  • Special Education Teachers perform under the supervision of school principals and in frequent partnership with other educators, paraprofessionals, and parent volunteers. 
  • Among other essential responsibilities, Special Education Teachers:
  • Apply in-depth knowledge of special education, developmental and learning theory. 
  • Deliver effective individual, group and classroom learning support as needed. 
  • Display classroom management and instructional skill while teaming with colleagues. 
  • Promote student responsibility for learning. 
  • Provide responsive support through instruction, consultation, and referrals. 
  • Demonstrate leadership and advocacy for student learning. 
  • Identify appropriate and measurable achievement goals for student progress. 
  • Ensure ongoing monitoring of student learning progress. 
  • Use resources effectively to support individual/group learning differences. 
  • Model the collection, interpretation, and use of student learning data to optimize learning. 
  • Uphold and enforce Company and School Board policies, administrative procedures, school rules and regulations. 
  • Engage actively in ongoing regional, district, school and independent professional learning and development to hone professional knowledge, skills, abilities.