Saudi Aramco
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Joint Venture Asset Manager

Job Description and Requirements

A bachelor degree in an engineering discipline, from a recognized and approved program. An advanced degree is desirable. 

At least ten years relevant experience in the oil & gas industry.

Cross-functional experience, including prior working experience related to JVs.

Excellent command of English (written and spoken).

Skilled in effectively communicating and presenting (both orally and in writing) issues, strategies and recommendations.

Broad understanding of technical and operational issues in refining and/or petrochemical facilities.

Broad understanding of production and business planning, budgeting, financial controls, and performance management processes. 

Experience applying financial methodologies and principles, standards, and practices, including for investment decisions, NPV calculation, and business case development.

Strong planning, management, and coordination skills.

Strong interpersonal and relationship-building skills.

Strong negotiations skills developed through leading material and commercial negotiations.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following: 

  • Work with Board Members to develop and drive internal alignment on asset-level strategy and set annual objectives for the joint venture. 
  • Review in detail and recommend changes to, or approvals of, the JV’s management proposed annual operating and capital plans, schedules, targets, and budgets, soliciting and integrating cross-functional feedback where appropriate.
  • Prepare materials for, and analyses periodic and annual performance and strategic reviews of the JV, and implement actions arising from such reviews.
  • Work with the Board Members to develop and drive internal alignment on key decisions and proposals requiring JV Board approval.
  • Actively monitor JV financial, operational, and risk performance to proactively identify gaps, and raise potential improvement opportunities to key stakeholders.
  • Support the development and refresh of broader opportunity analyses related to the asset, including the identification of potential cross-asset synergies between the JV and other assets.
  • Monitor and work with the Board Members to encourage JV management’s compliance with its own policies and processes, adoption of policies and processes that are consistent with company standards and principles, and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Work with the Board Members to ensure the JV management team acts in compliance with all relevant operating agreements.
  • Coordinate and participate in an annual independent risk assessment of the JV and development of relevant controls and mitigations plans for material risks.
  • Coordinate with JV partners on the shareholder audit plan for the JV, and participate in or oversee / coordinate audits as appropriate.
  • Understand company rights and obligations under the joint venture agreement, as well as other contracts between the company and the JV / partner(s), and ensure applicable company functions are aware of relevant details.
  • Ensure the JV management team is providing monthly, quarterly, and annual performance data in a format needed to enable internal and external reporting and monitoring.
  • Serve as the primary interface point between company and the JV’s management, effectively representing company positions in all dialogue, and maintain awareness of all other engagement and communications between functions and the JV.
  • Along with the Board Members, facilitate and maintain robust individual relationships between key stakeholders and key stakeholder in the partner(s).
  • Prepare Board Members for Board and Committee meetings, discussions with JV Management and the partner(s), and key decision points.
  • Work with the Board Members to develop annual Influencing plan for the JV (including key focus areas for the year, and the targets, tactics, work plan, and communication strategy against key focus areas), drive internal alignment on the plan, oversee its implementation, and ensure functional efforts organized around the agreed plan.
  • Monitor, manage, and coordinate information requests (formal and ad-hoc), site visits, and other cross-functional interactions.
  • Work with internal stakeholders and subject-matter-experts (SME) to identify, evaluate and implement business performance improvements within the JV.
  • Prepare, negotiate (or assist in negotiating), and finalize commercial agreements with the JV and partner(s).
  • In coordination with the Board Members, resolve commercially-significant disputes, litigation, and mediation with the JV and partner(s).
  • Proactively identify opportunities to support the JV (e.g., by delivering distinctive capabilities or services), and coordinate functional mobilization of resources to provide such support upon agreement with JV management and partner(s).
  • Oversee the execution of service, supply, offtake, and other agreements with the JV, and intervene as needed to resolve issues and ensure quality of support.