Saudi Aramco
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Downstream Engineering Specialist

Job Description and Requirements

As the successful candidate you should possess a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Economics, Business Administration, Financial Management or a closely related academic domain and graduate degree is highly desirable.

  • A minimum of 10 years of experience in the refining/chemicals and marketing business at a global energy firm be that in the operational or consultative spheres or a major refining and chemical company, of which at least 5 years are devoted to market analytics and strategic planning, is a requisite. 
  • You will possess and exhibit a breadth and depth of experience in initiate, lead, provide consultation and conduct refining and marketing related studies both individually and in a team structure. You’re cumulative and demonstrable experience gained by way of carefully and exhaustively analyzing and forming strong market perspectives or positions be that in refining, marketing and distribution, transportation and storage, chemicals and product trading at reputable downstream company, including power systems and renewable energy, will be a discrete value-adding competency.
  • Moreover, you will be called upon periodically to assist in various business planning and strategy formulation/refresh dialogues.
  • Proficiency and an excellent command of the English language in the areas of spoken and written English are foundational requirements. Excellent analytical and presentation skills are highly desirable.
  • Continuing growth and development through structured in-house programs and/or personal initiatives in the areas of professional expertise must be taken into consideration in preserving one’s viability and fitness for the position.

Duties & Responsibilities:
The successful candidate will be required to perform the following: 


  • Provide market perspective and position to guide the informed development of the downstream strategic goals and strategy direction in all areas comprising the downstream business segments: refining, chemicals, pipelines, distribution and transportation, sales and marketing, power systems and renewable energy, trading, etc.
  • Direct and guide a team of specialized analysts and professionals responsible for crafting and articulating the business strategies of the evolving downstream strategic framework, which includes strategic analysis, strategic direction and the medium and long term Investment Plans.
  • Analyze and monitor price shifts, margin analysis and dynamic market conditions.
  • Provide regular and ad-hoc pricing analysis and report implications to competitive position.
  • Collaborate with business lines and other stakeholder organizations to validate/confirm results of and research findings on long-term global trends and energy industry evolution with a view to determining the impact upon operations.
  • Initiate research on wide-ranging topics that look into long-term scenarios that might impact the competitive advantage of downstream operations. 
  • Prepare research and special studies and analyses as required.
  • Produce high quality reports, studies, and presentations.
  • Assist in various business planning and strategy formulation upon the call of management.
  • Work on tasks individually or with a team.