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CSSD Specialist

Job Description and Requirements

You will assist in the provision of high quality Central sterilization Supply Department (CSSD) services to the Operating Room, Emergency Room, ICU and elsewhere as required.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Follow the guidelines for sterilization of medical equipment must be completely decontaminated before use.
Operating and monitoring steam autoclaves, sonic washers, and other sterilizing equipment.
Cleaning sterilizing equipment.
Monitoring and storage of sterile stock.
Care and handling of chemical instruments.
Tracking and recall of equipment and items.
Checking in and out of loan instruments.
Maintain necessary supply levels in sterile storage areas.
To be able to act as the Shift coordinator should the need arise and to act as preceptor to inexperience staff.
To support and contribute to the achievement of continuous quality improvement in the delivery of services to clients.
Promotes infection control standards and adhere to occupational health and safety standards.
Perform biological indicator procedure correctly.
Applies correct cleaning in decontamination area.
Applies correct inventory, dispensing and distribution procedure.
Provides standards of CSSD storage for clean and sterile supplies.
Provides proper care and safety of surgical instrument.
Applies correct high and low temperature sterilization.
Applies correct packaging and storage supplies.

Necessary Knowledge and Experience:

Bachelor degree in sterilization.

SCFHS license.