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Respiratory Therapist

Job Description and Requirements


To manage patients for whom he / she is responsible to the highest attainable standards to care within the resources of Dallah Hospital.


  • Perform arterial punctures for ABG’s.
  • Tracheal suction and sampling of intubated patients.
  • Tracheal tube, tracheostomy tube, and oral hygiene.
  • Nebulizer dosing, timing, and monitoring.
  • Oxygen therapy administration, and monitoring.
  • Mechanical ventilation setting, changes, and recording.
  • Pulse Oximetry monitoring.
  • Aerosol therapy including dosing and timing.
  • Sputum collection and suction pressure adjustment.
  • Transport support of patients on mechanical ventilation.
  • Pulmonary function testing.
  • Non-invasive ventilation support and monitoring (BiPAP and CPAP)
  • First aid and basic life support
  • Airway management.
  • The following duties with no direct patient care are to be undertaken:
  1. Mechanical Ventilators regular check list.
  2. ABG machine regular check list.
  3. Nebulizer (Aero-Neb. Pro) regular check list.
  4. Ambu bags regular check list.
  5. Stored respiratory accessories regular checklist.
  6. Humidifiers  regular check list.
  7. BiPAP regular checklist.
  • Develops and co-ordinates the Quality Improvement Program within his/her area of responsibilities.
  • Peforms any other duties within the range of his / her professional knowledge and skills as directed by the Head of Department.

Education & Work Experience Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree of Respiratory Therapy.
  • At least one year training post-graduation.

Specialized Knowledge/Experience/Skills

  • Able to speak and read English and Arabic.
  • Computer literate