Saudi Aramco
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Security Intelligence Analyst

Job Description and Requirements
  • Develop and implement intelligence foundations and strategies.
  • Provide recommendations on best intelligence tools and technologies.
  • Develop plans to anticipate, predict, detect, and report potential security threats.
  • Perform a full range of intelligence including; collecting, analyzing, and processing data using internal and external sources to produce a comprehensive model of trends and actionable intelligence.
  • Transfer intelligence field knowledge.
  • Develop security intelligence policies, guidelines, and educational materials.
  • Identify key performance indicators and support in the gathering and reporting process.
  • Assist the intelligence team in maintaining the highest standard of work quality.
  • Communicate intelligence findings to management.
  • Liaising with stakeholders, local officials, and foreign organizations as required.
  • Keeping accurate records and updating progress of activities.
  • Providing advice to individuals on the intelligence process and resolving related issues.
  • Preparing reports backed by appropriate evidence.
  • Adhering to government and corporate policies and procedures; particularly on handling sensitive information
  • Maintaining the highest level of ethical standards