Saudi Aramco
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Polyols/Polyurethane Technology Specialist

Job Description and Requirements
  • Maintain and develop the company's polyols technologies.
  • Provide support to new projects development and evaluation.
  • Leverage strong technical capabilities and broad knowledge of various polyols/polyurethane process chemistry, applications, and processes
  • Apply knowledge of PO/PU applications in Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers (CASE).
  • Act as lead technical consultant to the Company and its customers in support of building the PO/PU business from the Company's innovative polyols processes.
  • Consult on global PO/PU operations or major capital planning activities and liaise with business teams and technical service engineers as needed.
  • Provide support to the Company's developing PO/PU technology lines and perform evaluations and assessments of operational facilities.
  • Perform simulation and modeling (energy and material balances, utilities and catalysts requirement, effluents and specifications, etc.) of polyols operation.
  • Provide technical support to the Company's chemical operations, evaluate new project opportunities, and benchmark the Company's capabilities and assets.
  • Maintain and enhance best practices in polyols facilities design and operation.
  • Develop and update design procedures and guidelines.
  • Provide troubleshooting and problem solving services and develop technically innovative process solutions with appropriate risk consideration.
  • Develop benchmarking criteria and procedures.
  • Consult on potential mergers and acquisition due diligence by advising on the condition, technical capabilities, and potential of existing assets.
  • Act as independent technical advisor for R&D or Product Application work to ensure that leading edge development of PO/PU innovations will support the creation and defense of sustainable market advantage.
  • Conduct performance reviews of company's polyols operations and establish a knowledge sharing network.
  • Guide the long-range development of high potential engineers through navigated work experiences and knowledge sharing, so they emerge as future polyols technology leaders.
  • Candidates must have good communication skills and be comfortable working independently and effectively with cross-department teams and through vertical organizational levels. Candidates will be the Company's core technical representative in the Polyols/Polyurethanes business.