Saudi Aramco
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Field Safety Compliance Coordinator

Job Description and Requirements
  • Comply with D&WO requirements and support the organization to meet or exceed compliance targets.
  • Lead by example and set the standard by managing Saudi Aramco's safety standards, procedures and guidelines.
  • Measure compliance to the D&WO SMS with contractor compliance audits and continuous periodic rig and worksite inspections. Complete written reports accurately reflecting the results of audits and inspections.
  • Promote safety awareness among employees by demonstrating behavioral observation skills. Conduct regular surveys to assess the level of safety awareness.
  • Demonstrate Leadership by attending training as required by the organizational training matrix, and when required participate in periodic general safety meetings, as well as work site safety meetings, pre-tour meetings or pre-task meetings.
  • Review and revise Saudi Aramco D&WO standards, policies, and procedures, and develop new hazard control standards in the areas of responsibility.
  • Identify and evaluate process operations and other risk/hazard situations requiring higher level proponent action, and recommend cost-effective solutions to assure a consistent and acceptable standard of safety in line with the D&WO SMS.
  • Lead selected Root Cause Analysis investigations as the subject matter expert. Produce detailed reports using the TapRoot methodology that includes SMARTER recommendations to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Advise on the correct selection and use of personal protective equipment, safety systems, and rescue planning, and evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Verify facility emergency response plans are maintained, and required emergency drills are conducted.