Saudi Aramco
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Engineering consultant

Job Description and Requirements
  • Conduct feasibility studies on major additions/upgrade to gas processing and NGL facilities.
  • Perform evaluations required to establish and support long-term business strategies related to gas and NGL facilities.
  • Supervise and coordinate overall planning, control and appraisal of the project as defined by the approved scope.
  • Prepare conceptual designs.
  • Prepare written project justifications for presentation to executive/corporate management.
  • Supervise, coordinate and direct preparation of the budget briefs, budget estimates, expenditure requests, economic analysis and authorization for expenditure.
  • Prepare scoping papers to define capital projects covering gas processing and NGL facilities.
  • Develop facilities/fields master plans.
  • Interface with operating organizations, engineering, project management and corporate planning.
  • Experience in process simulations.
  • Conduct studies to confirm the scoping requirements and justification for major gas investments.
  • Perform system and economic evaluations of existing and potential new gas processing and NGL facilities.
  • Direct evaluation of major and NGL facilities as performed by others.
  • Prepare and make presentations corporate management on gas processing and NGL operations issues.
  • Supervise and coordinate planning to adjust to unanticipated changes in scope, materials and equipment delivery and cost.
  • Mentor young facilities planning engineers for future development to Facilities Planning Consultants positions.