Saudi Aramco
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Foreman Office Services

Job Description and Requirements

1.Oversee and follow-up on the performed work by Contractors personnel engaged in facilities maintenance services.
2.Supervise new projects and modifications of existing facilities and ensure safe and efficient operation of all installations and supporting equipment associated with facilities management.
3.Liaise with Company s organizations providing of buildings maintenance services, including masonry, concrete, excavation, plumbing, and carpentry services; and schedules work priorities based on the operational needs.
4.Ensure availability, quality and security of all equipment, tools and materials required for execution of buildings maintenance works and contracts.
5.Oversee work in-progress and completed work to ensure compliance to SATORP requirements, specifications and quality standards and to prepare reports relating work activities to the Supervisor Facilities Management.
6.Oversee the arrangement, repairing and redesigning of all office furniture and coordinate with the contractors for high quality services.
7.Receive work instructions from the Maintenance Engineer and the Supervisor Facilities Management, and coordinate with Contractors who will be conducting necessary works.
8.Maintain record; prepare reports to the Supervisor Facilities Management; work progress, work completed, costs, faced problems and utilized equipment and materials, and make recommendations on assigned activities.
9.Demonstrate highest safety and environmental performance and leadership, be proactive in addressing safety issues and have a proven track record of strong support of processes that support incident free operations, good understanding of safe design and operating principles.
10.Assist in developing maintenance work plans and help develop methods for assembly of spare parts job packages, calibration and repair work orders.
11.Perform other related duties as assigned by the Supervisor Facilities Management.