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Senior Account Manager

Job Description and Requirements

Maintaining a close relationship with the assigned accounts and creating/ following-up on any leads that suggest potential business for InfoTech, as well as performing sales activities starting from convincing the client of InfoTech ability to meet his requirements, negotiating and finally closing the deal
Duties and Responsibilities:
Strategic Duties
• Supervising the implementation of the Sales Department plans, as well as ensuring their compliance with the Company’s rules and policies
• Proposing plans and programs that improve the effectiveness of the Sales
• Ensuring that work activities are carried out according to the pre-set performance goals, and suggesting any necessary actions to the Sales Manager
Executive and Technical Duties
• Developing strong working relationships with the customers in the region, ensuring client renewal, and developing new opportunities in order to grow the account. In addition to building a regional network, and generating revenue
• Working closely with account managers to work large accounts and deliver key presentations throughout the country as needed
• Making a variety of proactive and reactive calls for new market initiatives while being involved in account management, conferences, direct mail programs and customer events
• Maintaining accurate reports on sales for regional major accounts and creating monthly forecasts
• Ensuring that all outstanding issues affecting regional major accounts are properly handled and coordinated
• Creating/ following up on business leads within the accounts by assessing their needs and recommending proper solution, and working on transforming the lead into an actual business opportunity for InfoTech
• Performing activities of convincing the key clients of InfoTech ability to meet his technical requirements with a high level of proficiency and quality
• Coordinating with assigned pre-sales personnel for presentations and technical meetings with the account's concerned personnel
• Participating in the proposal preparation phase in terms of pricing and discount ratios or any special characteristics that should be considered in the proposal as per the client's requirements
Required Educational Level:
B.A. degree in Information Technology, or equivalent
Required Experience:
8+ years of experience in large accounts management
Professional Knowledge:
• Professional knowledge in managing client accounts
• Professional knowledge in sales and customer relationship management
Skills and Ability:
• Interpersonal skills
• Negotiation skills
• Building professional relationships
• Teamwork
• Presentations skills
• Communication skills
• Follow-up abilities
• Planning, organizing and forecasting
• Coordination skills
Interpersonal Skills:
• Leadership
• Charisma
• Persistence
• Dedication
• Honest and trustworthy
• Persuasive
• Punctual
Required Training:
• Advanced Training Courses in Customer Relationship Management
• Advanced Training Courses in Negotiation and Sales Skills