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CRM Administrator for Qatar

Job Description and Requirements


VINIRMA Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is a 360° Human Resource Management Consulting and Staffing Services Organization with operations in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Australia, USA, Singapore & India.


VINIRMA Consulting is currently looking for CRM Administrator for one of its clients which is a Business Consulting, IT Solutions and Services company in Qatar with the following skillset and terms and conditions.


Experience & Skills

  • Should  Possesses  or  will  develop  an  in‐depth  understanding  of  the  CRM  software with minimum of 5 years’ experience in the following areas but not limited to, 

  • an  understanding  of  the  organizational  structure  ‐  as  sales,  marketing and business processes, and how they relate to the CRM Software.

  • Strong  analytical  skills  and  the  ability  to  respond  to  requested  changes  and  identify  customizations 

  • Understanding of marketing practices 

  • Good interpersonal skills 




  • Interact with upper management and all users within multiple departments to trouble shoot, present and implement solutions to various user issues

  • Provide  education  to  users  on  correct  procedures  to  enter  data  and  enforce  data  entry standards

  • Define criteria to create and run reports

  • Writing programming codes and adapting existing software to meet the changing needs of a business

  • Reviewing written business requirements and technical specifications

  • Investigating and analyzing reported defects

  • Creating unit test plans, scripts and test harnesses

  • Developing user interfaces

  • Monitor end‐user usage of systems, verifying and reconciling data that has been entered into systems

  • Set up dashboards to monitor the quality of the data that users enter into the system

  • Provide  training and education  for  new  users as well  as existing  users as  the  CRM  system evolves and grows

  • Set up dashboards to monitor the quality of the data that users enter into the system

  • Continually customize the software based on changing business needs

  • Document processes and procedures conducted by users that enter data into the CRM

  • Perform configurations and field definitions and create documentation of these actions

  • Perform database de‐duping and clean up

  • Develop and implement application extensions to enhance functionality of existing programs and applications.

Minimum  Qualifications: 

Bachelor degree in Engineering / Science / Commerce / others.



Terms and conditions


Joining time frame: 2 weeks (maximum 1 month