i engineering
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Job Description and Requirements


  1. Ensures the completeness and correctness of all orders
  2. Receives and checks incoming pick tickets
  3. Locates products based on the system warehouse data per SKU
  4. Retrieves items from the shelves/pallets/fridges based on number, size, color, quantity, quality and rest of the requirements
  5. Operates scanners for the proper order to be picked, and inventory is managed accurately
  6. Wraps and stages items correctly for delivery/dispatch
  7. Keeps records of completed orders
  8. Coordinates with the Warehouse Manager in case of quantity or items discrepancy with the system
  9. Operates forklift in performance of ordering filling duties if required
  10. Maintains a high level of health and safety standards
  11. Performs other general warehouse duties as needed
  12. Ensures warehouse goals are met