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Warehouse Controller

Job Description and Requirements
  1. Logistics Operation
  • Handles the physical and data reception of goods by vendors, by comparing the SKUs and quantities of the PO to the invoice, and the latter to the actual goods.
  • Controls the generated invoice after picking, versus the customers’ orders to avoid discrepancies.
  • Monitors the expiry date of all products received and to be delivered.
  • Ensures the final control on all deliveries for quality purposes before exit.
  • Manages the returned products from clients in order to add them to the warehouse inventory.
  • Organizes the tasks and schedules of the pickers and delivery team, based on geographical location, priority and frequency.
  • Prepares the returned goods from warehouse to distributor, as per return order.
  • Follows-up on the delivery time of the drivers.
  • Maintains service quality assurance to guarantee customer satisfaction.


  1. Warehouse Operation
  • Supervises the warehouse in terms of administration and operation to ensure optimal service.
  • Controls proper organization of products in the warehouse as per the set guidelines.
  • Ensures fit storage conditions and allocation of spaces.
  • Organizes the location of products in the warehouse as per agreed-on map, maintaining traceability and efficiency.
  • Reports the need to attain or upgrade warehouse hardware with objective and recommendations.
  • Performs stock takes once a month in coordination with the inventory controller (accounting) unit.
  • Reports all damaged products with reason and action.
  • Coordinates with the supply chain officer (currently under buyer) on the stock replenishment and delivery schedule of the vendors.
  • Maintains an optimized warehouse space and cost.
  • Abides by the safety and quality standards set for the warehouse.