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Paid trainer opportunity to implement TOT for 4 days period

Job Description and Requirements

DEPARTMENT: Youth Program / Mentoring chapter
REPORTS TO: Project Manager/Project Supervisor
START DATE: 24/ July / 2019
END DATE: 27/ July / 2019
Location: _one of 5 stars hotels at dead sea area

i. Background
Questscope Overview
Questscope for Social Development in the Middle East is an international non-governmental
organization established in Jordan in 1993 for social development with disadvantaged youth in
the MENA region. For more than twenty years we have piloted and scaled-up out-of-the-box
innovations with disadvantaged young people for improvements in their lives, better responses
to them from institutions, and changes in governance and policy towards them. We have
extensive experience in working at the human scale, a level at which individuals envision change
for themselves and acquire the ability to promote changes in the systems/structures that affect
Questscope- Youth Resolve project funded by MADAD
Youth Resolve project is based on two main programs IFE and Mentoring, targeting youth from
19-25 and children from 12-18 both Females and males, from Syrian and Jordanian nationality.
The project is conducted in 12 Community Based Organizations in all over Jordan, 5 Juvenile
Centers and 3 main governmental universities and one training hub. Focuses on Youth
empowerment and capacity building to work with at-risk children, reached out through local
communities, and children who have a conflict with the law through Juvenile centers. The
outcome for implementing the two programs within Youth Resolve is to strengthen the
cohesion in local communities between Syrians and Jordanians targeting Youth and at-risk

ii. Context
Mentoring program within Youth Resolve required to recruit Core Team in the 3 main
universities and the training hub. Those young men and women were targeted through
universities and received Mentoring Basic Training and worked in the project as mentors who
proved themselves, they were picked to represent Mentoring program of Questscope. Core

teams received an advance training on team building as a part of a series of trainings they are
planned to receive, this training is required for the core team to improve their skills in training
in general, and in Questscope Mentoring Methodology specifically.

i. Deliverables
- Three-days training.
- Target groups of the training:
Stakeholder group # of participants
University students 25

iii. Roles and responsibilities
After the training, the participants should be able to:
1. Understand the concept of training and training processes.
2. Set clear training objectives and outcomes.
3. Design detailed training plan with activities related.
4. Understand the different types of trainees, trainings and training schedules.

ii. Qualifications
1. Excellent writing and speaking skills (Arabic)
2. Prior experience in training of trainers.
3. Experience in youth development and youth participation
4. Excellent inter-personal communication skills
5. Understanding cultural differences in Jordan.
6. Bachelor’s degree in relating field /master degree is a plus
7. Work experience

Language requirements:
Arabic: Fluent speaking and writing

Proposal Guidelines and Requirements
Overview of Proposal

brief description of the work to be undertaken.

Detailed project plan
Provide a detailed draft of the training agenda along with a description of each of the high-level topics that will be included.

Details for education and background with list of qualifications and work experience

detailed budget based on specific tasks.

Implementation Timeline
Dates or time frame needed for each deliverable.

Selected consultants will be compensated based on the completion of specified
tasks, Consultants responding to this TOR must submit bids with fees assigned for
the task indicated in the Proposal Guidelines and Requirements section excluding
transportation , accommodation and meals plan expenses to one of 5 starts hotels as
we will provide a transportation from/to dead sea as well as accommodation and
three meals plus coffee break per three days and other work necessary for the
completion of the task. The fee should be inclusive of charges

List of Minimal Pre-Qualification Documents Requirements:
1. name, complete address including street, city, country and postal code and Point
of Contact of the company for this bid.
2. Copy of certificate of bachelor/master’s degree -
3. Copy of all training courses
4. Copy of her/his resume

Technical evaluation criteria: _

  •  Proposal Content
  •  fees, price
  • Experience and qualifications

iii. How to apply: _
Submission of Proposal and further information are to be send via email through the
contacts details below: _
Mr. Rami AL-Sobani -Manager of Operations [email protected]

Proposal Due Date:
Deadline for Proposal submission: Date and Time :_ Tuesday   16 st  of July at
12:00PM , This is an absolute deadline, Quotation received after this date and
time will be disqualified via E-Mail