Iraq Gates Contracting Co. (IGCC)
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Quality Assurance / Quality Control Specialist

Job Description and Requirements
  1. Review and amend current standards, Policies & Procedures and write new Policies & Procedures.
  2. Manage and oversee quality to ensure compliance to Policies & Procedures, codes, standards, regulations, equipment specific specifications, and QMS requirements.
  3. Keep records of quality reports, statistical reviews and relevant documentation.
  4. Monitoring all operations that affect quality (Practically, Technically & Commercially) and report any breaches.
  5. Monitor quality events, incidents, queries, and complaints and ensure that any non-conformity issue is being solved in timely manner.
  6. Responsible for the process of vendors pre-qualification and evolutions of existing vendors.
  7. Supervising and guiding inspection activities on ordered materials and oversee the process of collecting, reviewing and approving of all quality documents related directly to materials ; and review the critical docs before submittal.
  8. Communicate any critical compliance risks noted from these activities to senior management.
  9. Oversee the process of preparing lessons learned.
  10. Manage and maintain databases for the quality system.
  11. Prepare and assist in preparing quarter and annual reports and quality reports.
  12. Double check critical proposals and important documents.
  13. Provide guidance on any specific corrective action and preventative actions to the operational team.
  14. Carry out and/or lead internal and external audits.
  15. Prepare, lead and implement the ISO Certification for the new campiness under the Group, and responsible about the renewal and any updates.
  16. Collect and analyze data related to the department KPIs.
  17. Support the Direct line manager to prepare and record for the monthly, quarterly, semi and annual performance evaluation.
  18. Preform regular data check validation on the SAP Data.
  19. Ensure that the HSSE requirement are met in all activities.
  20. Provide review and reporting of all non-conformance reports and undertake remedial action.
  21. Developing and implementing risk-based inspection (RBI) activities and processes.
  22. Oversee the operation activities and time frame needed to complete each task and prepare training plans to increase the efficiency.
  23. Any other tasks as directed by the operations Manager.


  1. Engineering degree or any degree in business administration or project management.
  2. Experienced in the certification process, and implementation and compliance to ISO 9001.
  3. 2 years + PROVEN and applicable experience in the managing of QA systems 
  4. Fluent in spoken and written English and Arabic


  1. Excellent knowledge of methodologies of quality assurance and standards.
  2. Excellent numerical skills and understanding of data analysis/statistical methods
  3. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  4. Good knowledge of MS Office and databases
  5. Great attention to detail and a result driven approach
  6. Excellent Knowledge in TQM &QMS

Additional Considerations

  1. Please note that the job is challenging with a lot of pressure and deadlines.
  2. Applicants should be willing and like to read books and articles.
  3. Applicant must be fast learner as we provide minimum training to start the job.
  4. Applicant must be willing to perform some tests during the second interview.