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Every company has a unique work environment and culture, and certain people can fit in within this setting. Landing the perfect job doesn't only mean that your skills and education match the job description, it also means that you are a perfect fit for the culture of the company which is all about the shared characteristics, beliefs and values that the company and employees stands for. Since the only way to to figure out what the company culture is all about is to actually work there, "Explore Companies" allows you to learn more about a company's culture before taking the plunge.


ZenHR Solutions

HR Software Solutions Provider
Small Size
Amman - JO, Riyadh - KSA and Dubai - UAE

ZenHR Solutions ( is an HR software solutions provider. Our goal is to help HR departments and employees reach a state of Zen! We do that by offering state of the art cloud-based HR software solutions that provide value across all stages of HR from "Acquire" to "Retire".

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Social Card Gaming Network
Small Size
Abu Dhabi - UAE

Jawaker is a market leader in developing and publishing Arabic card games on web and mobile.

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