Housing Bank

Housing Bank

Company Overview
The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance was established in 1973 as a public shareholding limited company to provide housing finance. After 24 years of operations, the bank started a new era, when it was converted to a comprehensive bank, providing full commercial and investment banking services. The bank’s capital was increased several times, and currently amount of JD(252) million the equivalent of USD(355) . Our Vision: The Housing Bank for Trade & Finance (HBTF) is the preferred bank for customers. Our Mission: Provide innovated banking services of high quality to our retail and corporate customers, which meet their needs and exceed their expectations, in line with the latest developments in international financial & banking markets. Our Policy: Adopts total quality management T.Q.M to enhance the value of the firm, financially and socially, and increase ROE in order to become a leader in domestic & regional banking markets. Our Values: Customer satisfaction, welfare of employees, reward for quality performance and teamwork.
Why Work for Us
At HBTF, we ensure that our highly qualified banking team maintains indisputable commitment to provide our customers with superior banking services. Therefore, job opportunities at HBTF are really distinctive. We do not just employ people but we provide them with the best high quality training to equip them with the knowledge and experience needed to the bank’s expectations and cope with the latest developments in banking business.