Akhtaboot Cares Initiative ACI

The Akhtaboot Cares Initiative (ACI) is a comprehensive CSR program that was developed through partnerships with a number of public, not-for-profit and educational institutions in the Middle East and GCC region. Through the ACI Akhtaboot maintains an ongoing presence in the region’s educational institutions and career-related events by developing and executing specific training programs that are tailor-made to educate graduates-to-be and job seekers on how to approach the job market and to smoothen their transition into the professional world.


Akhtaboot’s Role in CSR

  • Ever since Akhtaboot was first launched in 2007, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been a vital element of Akhtaboot’s strategic plans to achieve a higher degree of socioeconomic development within the Middle Eastern region.
  • Launched in February 2009, the “Akhtaboot Cares Initiative” or ACI has been acting as Akhtaboot’s CSR arm through helping develop the young generation of graduates-to-be and Job seekers towards career growth and success.

ACI Services


Akhtaboot Cares Initiative (ACI) serves as an effective instrument for empowering the young, skilled job seekers to make wise career decisions while tackling future career challenges. Services provided under the ACI include:

  • Career-related Lectures
  • CV Evaluation Services
  • Organizing and Participating in Job Fairs
  • Akhtaboot Microsite Solution

Akhtaboot Career-Related Lectures

  • CV Writing Skills: This session aims to provide students with successful tips on how to best write and optimize their CVs for the positions they are looking for. The session covers: CV Information and structure as well as common CV mistakes to avoid when approaching hiring companies.
  • Interview Skills: The interview skills session covers a number of hot topics to help job seekers and students prepare for the job interview the smart way, with topics covering: common interview types, things to do before, during and after the interview as well as common interview mistakes.

Akhtaboot CV Evaluation Services

Akhtaboot Recruitment Specialists provide job seekers during career-related events with a detailed evaluation of their CVs with full analysis of both the good and bad points found in the CV. Akhtaboot CV experts will highlight the main areas that should be restructured.

Organizing and Participating in Job Fairs

Akhtaboot's Job Fair

Recognizing a need to bridge the unemployment gap all over the Middle East job market, Akhtaboot organizes its yearly job fair, with the participation of a number of leading companies and educational institutions in the Middle East, covering different industries.

The Job fair features a two-day exhibition style career fair including job-related courses running all day long and provided by experts in the recruitment industry. 4 successful job fairs have been held so far in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 in Amman, Jordan with the attendance of thousands of eager job seekers who visited the job fair location to apply for jobs and to make the most of Akhtaboot’s career-related lectures.

Akhtaboot’s Role in Job Fairs

Akhtaboot takes an active role in university and privately held career events all over the Gulf and the MENA region. From directing job seekers to upload their CVs on Akhtaboot to one-on-one CV evaluation services, job seekers leave Akhtaboot’s booth with excellent tips on how to make the most of our website Akhtaboot also helps universities with holding their own job fairs and promoting it to the target audience of their interest.

Akhtaboot Microsite Solution

Akhtaboot's Microsite Solution is a revolutionary service, Powered by Akhtaboot, targeted towards universities, educational institutions and other public service organizations, which features Akhtaboot job content in a fully integrated, targeted and branded jobs section, allowing website visitors and job seekers to search and apply to jobs directly through the careers section of the university website.


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