“Akhtaboot’s Internship Program- AIP ” is a program that is specifically designed to provide internship opportunities for talented students with the aim of equipping them with an optimal blend of professional skills and hands-on experience within their fields. This will ultimately enhance their chances of securing a full time job following their exit from academia.

The duration of every internship opportunity under “Akhtaboot’s Internship Program - AIP” will range between 1-3 months, with a maximum of 6 hours per working day. Students will have the flexibility to plan their working days and hours in a way that suits their university schedule.

At the end of the internship duration, interns will be provided with a "certificate of completion" as a thank you gesture for their hard work & dedication. Please be fully aware that Akhtaboot does not guarantee a full time job following the end of the internship period or upon the intern’s graduation.