About Akhtaboot


Akhtaboot is an online career network, serving the MENA Region. As an employment website, Akhtaboot serves as a platform that connects employers and job seekers, creating vast opportunities for talented candidates. Having launched many successful job fairs in Jordan, Akhtaboot believes in helping job seekers find jobs that they won’t only excel at, but also grow to love. Akhtaboot is also available via its Mobile App that is on both iOS and Android devices. is owned and managed by Akhtaboot FZ LLC

Our mission is to empower employment by granting equal opportunities and chances to job seekers from all around the region.

Akhtaboot Cares Initiative

Ever since Akhtaboot was first launched, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) wasa vital element of Akhtaboot’s strategic plans. Akhtaboot is fulfilling this mission through the Akhtaboot Cares Initiative (ACI), which was launched in February 2009. Since then, ACI has been acting as Akhtaboot’s CSR arm in developing the necessary skills of our young workforce to help them succeed at work and to instill a range of transferable skills that are necessary to land a job in today’s competitive marketplace. Through ACI, Akhtaboot forms partnerships with educational institutions and NGOs all over the Gulf and Levant for the purpose of providing career opportunities to underprivileged members of society, graduates-to-be, and alumni.The services provided under the ACI include: career-related lectures, CV evaluation services, organizing and participating in job fairs, as well as Akhtaboot’s Microsite Solution.

Meet The Team

Yousef-shamoun Yousef-shamoun_hover

Yousef Shamoun

Co-Founder - CEO

Ibrahim-seksek Ibrahim-seksek_hover

Ibrahim Seksek


Ashraf-mraybeh Ashraf-mraybeh_hover

Ashraf Mraybeh

Country Manager

Jumana-shaheen Jumana-shaheen_hover

Jumana Shaheen

Regional Administration & HR

Mais-gousous Mais-gousous_hover

Mais Gousous

Head of Marketing Communications and PR

Rana-qubain Rana-qubain_hover

Rana Qubain

Head of Performance Marketing & Social Media

Rawa-kahwaji Rawa-kahwaji_hover

Rawa Kahwaji

HR Section Head

Sami-dababneh Sami-dababneh_hover

Sami Dababneh

Customer Success Manager

Mohammad-melhem Mohammad-melhem_hover

Mohammad Melhem

Senior HR Solutions Consultant

Farah-saheb Farah-saheb_hover

Farah Saheb

Senior Graphic & Web Designer

Hanan-abu-hantash Hanan-abu-hantash_hover

Hanan Abu Hantash

Senior Talent Acquisition Officer

Fady-naffa Fady-naffa_hover

Fady Naffa

Technical Lead

Abdallah-shadid Abdallah-shadid_hover

Abdallah Shadid

Product Manager

Hala-qoqar Hala-qoqar_hover

Hala Qoqar

Senior HR Solutions Consultant

Maher-qafisheh Maher-qafisheh_hover

Maher Qafisheh

Senior HR Solutions Consultant

Nidal-al-masri Nidal-al-masri_hover

Nidal Al Masri

Senior HR Solutions Consultant

Laith-abuabdu Laith-abuabdu_hover

Laith Abu Abdu

Senior HR Solutions Expert

Mohammad-abu-alshar Mohammad-abu-alshar_hover

Mohammad Abu Alsha'r

Senior HR Solutions Consultant

Rana-al-naber Rana-al-naber_hover

Rana Al Naber

Customer Experience Supervisor

Rula-nino Rula-nino_hover

Rula Nino

Software Engineer I

Haneen-ibrahim Haneen-ibrahim_hover

Haneen Ibrahim

Marketing Officer

Helen-zraigat Helen-zraigat_hover

Helen Zraigat

Marketing Officer

Ahmad-albu-eltyif Ahmad-albu-eltyif_hover

Ahmad Albu Eltyif

Software Engineer III

Musaab-al-dahyyat Musaab-al-dahyyat_hover

Musa'ab Al Dahyyat

Software Engineer III

Kamal-buqileh Kamal-buqileh_hover

Kamal Buqileh

Software Engineer I

Ali-el-smadi Ali-el-smadi_hover

Ali El Smadi

Software Engineer I

Nedal-zakaria Nedal-zakaria_hover

Nedal Zakaria

HR Product Manager

Mohammad-al-samhouri Mohammad-al-samhouri_hover

Mohammad Samhouri

Software Engineer

Abeer-anabtawi Abeer-anabtawi_hover

Abeer Anabtawi

Graphic Designer

Asal-al-nasser Asal-al-nasser_hover

Asal Al Nasser

Video Producer

Noor-kardahji Noor-kardahji_hover

Noor Kardahji

Junior Accountant

Malak-farhat Malak-farhat_hover

Malak Farhat

Talent Acquisition Officer

Laith-shanti Laith-shanti_hover

Laith Shanti

Talent Acquisition Officer

Sanad-al-ghalayeeni Sanad-al-ghalayeeni_hover

Sanad Al Ghalayeeni

Software Implementation Consultant

Mohammad-ismail Mohammad-ismail_hover

Mohammad Ismail

Telesales Executive - KSA

Abdulrahman-al-shurafa Abdulrahman-al-shurafa_hover

Abdulrahman Al Shurafa

Software Implementation Consultant

Laila-bustani Laila-bustani_hover

Laila Bustani

Finance Manager

Bader-sader Bader-sader_hover

Bader Sader

Software Engineer II

Mohammed-alkhalili Mohammed-alkhalili_hover

Mohammed Al Khalili

Community Manager

Jwan-zerkani Jwan-zerkani_hover

Jwan Zerkani

Software Engineer

Hiba-salim Hiba-salim_hover

Hiba Salim

Quality Assurance

Elyan-elyan Elyan-elyan_hover

Elyan Elyan

Software Engineer I

Amanda-habybeh Amanda-habybeh_hover

Amanda Habybeh


Zaid-odeh Zaid-odeh_hover

Zaid Odeh

Sales Development - KSA